Estancia La Ydalina
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Slide Estancia La Ydalina Slide Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, Slide Surrounded by idyllic pathways, silence and tranquility, Slide This setting is a refuge for the soul.


La Ydalina, located in the northwest of Buenos Aires, was purchased in 1879 by Adolfo Pueyrredón. At the time, the 27.000 acres were open fields with no buildings or fences, neighboring a Mapuche Reserve that still exists today.



If the ability of the guest is so, we can offer full experience with the horse, brushing and saddling could be a choice.  We will be close by during the process for you to enjoy. You can book riding lessons in advance ( additional cost).



Breakfast or te with country bread and homemade jams are some of our special goals. The cooks prepare homemade dishes with fresh products of the area. With the simplicity, love, and commitment of a Great  Chef.