Estancia La Ydalina
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The Project

Many years ago, Alejandro (my husband) invited me to La Ydalina. Arriving here was like entering into a fairytale. It seemed that every corner, every brick, had a story to tell. All of the emotions overwhelmed and captivated me so much so that I felt as if I had been born here and that this had always been my home.
I am convinced that I developled my passion for the outdoors and nature from my parents, who instilled this love in me from a young age.  Nevertheless, the love for this place was spread to me by Alejandro and his wonderful family.

These sentiments that I describe are manifested in the brushstrokes of my art.  I cannot say that I paint, but rather that I enjoy splashing color onto canvasses and derive immense freedom from doing so. Painting brings me to unknown places outside of time.

All of these experiences led me to the idea of sharing this space with those that want to expand what they hold inside or need a moment of relaxation and escape from the noise. La Ydalina could offer a place to connect with one’s desires to create and learn, or simply enjoy nature.