Estancia La Ydalina
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The place

La Ydalina, located in the northwest of Buenos Aires, was purchased in 1879 by Adolfo Pueyrredón. At the time, the 27.000 acres were open fields with no buildings or fences, neighboring a Mapuche Reserve that still exists today.
In 1895, Adolfo Pueyrredón began constructing the main house, building an English style. The elegant ceilings are angled steeply with movement as if they are ready to receive snow, a clear paradox in the plains of Argentina.
On the first floor, the great hall is lined with wall panels (¨boiserie¨), and has a large fireplace and windows that overlook the countryside. The dining room, which also has an inviting fireplace, seats twelve guests. The home has a spacious kitchen and daily dining area. A large porch overlooks the lawn There are also two bedrooms and two bathrooms.
There are seven large bedrooms on the second floor and four bathrooms
Between 2009 and 2010 the house underwent extensive renovation, bringing the beloved home back into its prime.
Today, the fifth and sixth generation of this family cares for the estate which their ancestors built with great care over 100 years ago.